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1. What age should I first bring in my child to a dentist?

It is important to begin dental checkups at 3 years old unless you have an emergency or question regarding a specific issue.  It is helpful if they can observe a parent receiving a cleaning 6 months prior to this time.

2.  What is the difference between a cap and a crown?

Nothing.  They are the same thing.

3.  If I have had a crown do I need a root canal or If I have had a root canal do I need a crown? 

Having a root canal (due to a tooth becoming infected or broken badly) results in the tooth structure becoming more brittle as it is a “dead tooth”.  A crown is thus recommended after a root canal to protect this brittle tooth structure for long term stability.

Having a crown does not generally require having a root canal.

4.  Does toothache pain ever go away on its own?

Tooth aches resulting from clenching or grinding your teeth will usually disappear if your bite is adjusted.  Pain resulting from decay, infection or periodontal “gum” disease will only increase without treatment.  The sooner the treatment,  the easier, less painful and less expensive the therapy tends to be.  Cold sensitivity related to gums receding can diminish over time especially if using a high fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse.

5.  Is it really necessary to have an oral cancer screening if I don’t have many risk factors?

Yes, as one American dies every hour from oral cancer.  25% of the people diagnosed with oral cancer do not have any risk factors.